Sunday, June 5, 2011

Don't be a drag, or Lebanese

I'm not getting what the big deal is really.  What's all this hoohah about Lady Gaga's new single "Judas"??

(check out the Judas clip here)

Lebanon, all holier than thou, decides to ban it on the radio or sell it in stores.   Because apparently the brilliant Sabah-lookalike is offending Jesus. She's banned "for being offensive to Christianity."

Ummm... how exactly is what I would like to know.  So she's in love with Judas.  The guy she's in love with is called Judas, so what?  It could've been Ali, John or Maximilian.  Ok, so his name isn't exactly Judas and she IS referring to the biblical J, but have the Lebanese "authorities" read the whole song lyrics?  If they have they would realize what the chick was hollering about.  She's simply admitting that she's attracted to liars and traitors, or anything sinful, because it happens to be very attractively sexy for some unfair reason, but ultimately Jesus is her virtue.  She literally says that, "Jesus is my virtue," like she's apologizing to JC for her sinful relationship with the other J.

What's wrong with that?  Also have they not seen the track "Alejandro?"  The video I mean.  All crosses and leather and S & M?  Is that cool with the "authorities?"  I, for one, really don't mind, but I find it hysterical that they've waited for a song like "Judas" to go nuts over.  

FUUUUUUURTHERMORE, has anyone paid attention to her "Born This Way" track?  It's all about rejoicing in yourself, and accepting your body and the way you are, and that  phrase "I'm beautiful in my way, cause God makes no mistakes."  Yah, and she reiterates the capital H-I-M.  Guess who that is?!

Nothing?  No bells ringing in the churches of righteousness? If anything, the dudes who DON'T believe in God and the afterlife should be up in arms about Gaga's consistent biblical references.  They should be like, enough already sister, we get it, you're truly and quintessentially a nun, but you choose to dress up as a prostitute (or as a meat wearing weirdo).  We GET IT.  And we still love you.

PLUS, she even refers to Lebanon in the track! Finally! A celebrity who knows there are countries in the world that exceed the US, France or Italy (the cliche of New York, Paris, Milan). She says "Whether you're broke or evergreen/ you're black, white, beige, chola descent/ You're Lebanese, you're orient"  etcetera etcetera etcetera.   We must send her big sweaty hugs from across the shores!

Lebanon, my dearest home, is a feisty old place and she takes her time to come around.  I don't think the track is really the issue, I think Lebanon, forgive me please, is just a bit uncomfortable with the idea that there is in fact a blonde

who is not in fact dumb. 


  1. As someone who agrees that Lady Gaga is anything but stupid, I found this quite entertaining!

  2. Thanks for reading, OMW! :-)

  3. Well, I am not a big fan of lady gaga but at least you have triggered me to listen to this Judas song and learn more about this hoohah :)

  4. My reaction to the news was: What a bunch of morons

  5. nice piece of writing :)

  6. Reminded when they banned Nirvana in Lebanon, because one dude committed suicide and happened to have Nirvana CDs in his room.

  7. As always entertaining and whitty. You know i personally love your style of writing and your humor :) keep ‘m coming 

  8. i personally think that most of the people who will listen to the song in the Lebanon will be just like those who sensored it. I beleive the authorities are protecting the GAGA and not the opposite. Rewa, you know how much I like what you write, so do it.

  9. On point!! As always, I expect nothing less :) I haven't quite mastered this "conversational writing" style, but you on the other hand; do it perfectly.. I guess I second everybody else when I say "Keep em flowing"... any third?? ;)