Thursday, June 16, 2011


Made ya look!

Yep, that's science and technology for you, a terribly interesting subject! you couldn't wait to come over here and read all about it eyyy?

I just thought I'd share this moment with your eyes. Came across it this morning while doing my usual snooping for news, and voila!  right under "The Latest from Science and Technology," poor Hef was dumped (by his 22 year old fiance) at the alter!  He must be devastated and inconsolable, the poor old old old man. 

Did I mention he's old? 

And the 22 year old, what was she thinking?  She had "a change of heart" they write in the news. That's beyond.. I don't know what that's beyond.. but it's beyond something... very very funny.  And very very confusing.

After laughing long and hard about this for so many reasons, I HAVE to mention the following though:



"Hef, has championed sexual freedom and civil rights, published stories challenging McCarthyism and the Vietnam War, and backed gay causes and the legalization of marijuana." (LA Reuters)

hmmm......gotta give the old man some credit I guess(?) 

yep yep.

Oh, and the lunar eclipse that happened last night, yah, that was fundamental too. 

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  1. Ok so here is my take on all this. I guess men idealize Hugh for being the man that could get them all, Also he founded one of the fortune 500 companies from the ground up so he’s not just a ladies’ man but a smart rich business man. On top of all that as you mentioned an influential man that pioneered in certain areas. So when he is dumped at the alter, it is kind of devastating for him and all those men! I think it goes something like “if it could happen to Hugh it will happen to you”….

    As for the girl well I guess she didn’t need him any more cause; guess what E and style just signed her for a reality TV show!!!! YUP you heard it this crazy bimbo will now have a 40 min show once a week on E and Style. She will now influence and touch so many of the young generation.. Now that is a scary thought …..

    I missed the lunar eclipse how was it ??