Monday, November 14, 2011

O is for OSHO

I think I'll start blogging about my journey with Osho.

Who the hell is Osho?   Good question.  I've been reading his books for almost two years now and I remember being HORRIFIED when I first began.  A good friend lent me "The God Conspiracy."  That was the beginning and, I thought back then, the end.  A few pages into it and I was done. Thank you very much.  I was done because I wasn't ready.  I wasn't ready to have everything I ever believed in or thought I believed in shot down and contradicted one paragraph at a time.  And I thought I was "open minded!"  The irony of that "belief" still cracks me up.

Osho made me very uncomfortable because that's what he wanted to do, make every single belief system seem outrageous. It's also exhausting to read his books, not because they are hard to decipher, on the contrary they are very plain and simple, but because sometimes you just want to sit there and believe, and defend your beliefs because you believe in them so very much, because it's that much easier not to keep questioning.

It's exhausting to keep questioning, and doubting, and contradicting.  But it's also divine.  And a must.  Simply the science and art of the inner.

My ultimate question though is the following:  Why can't it ALWAYS be Autumn in Dubai? 

Not relevant?  Why not??

Ok, so I've read a few books after "The God Conspiracy," and have yet to go back to it.  I will.

I'm now reading "freedom- The Courage to Be Yourself."   Notice the "f" in freedom is not capitalized.   hmmmmm??????????   It's a wonderful third eye opener.  And I'll be sharing my wonder with you soon.

So here we are. Beginning in the middle.  Jump.