Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Suddenly Cont'd

1-  the place is far too messed up to fix,

2-   defend?

4-  this won't be written in paragraphs or complete sentences that necessarily make sense or have a point

5-  so what, it's my blog, and 

6-  there are over 48,000 "likes" for the group "beiruting.com" on FB

6.5-  a website about beirut's nightlife/clubbing/eating scene (w jeen)

7- /they/we/you couldn't get 10,000 people to join an anti-confessionalism rally the other day(s) however many times /they/we/you tried

7.25-  or did /they/we/you?

7.5-  he's just not that into you! is the brutal message

8-  i think she needs to keep trying though. he obviously doesn't know what's good for him, right?

9-  "Water is something you cannot hold.  Like men.  I have tried.  Father, brother, lover, true friends, hungry ghosts and God, one by one all took themselves out of my hands."

-from Diving: Introduction to the Anthropology of Water by Anna Carson.

10-  like country. or homeland. or national. identity.

11-  recently sickened the most by the Dabke skit/flash mob at the Duty Free of Lebanon's Airport

11.5-  yes,

12-   far too much time has been wasted on. the fixing stuff.  the tv won't shut up.  it is physically incapable.  too many men in suits.  where are the women

13-  getting botox-ed

13.5- or dancing in flash mobs

14-  no wonder the nightlife is supremely active.  how else can /they/we/you cope?

15-  leave the suicide to the foreign domestic helpers

16-  .


  1. 1. Why all the gloom n doom?

    2. Maybe distinction education celebration..

    3. Live, laugh, love, n for heaven’s sake don’t judge!

    4. Read Rewaz Page n comment never forget to comment, Traffic Traffic Traffic …

    I love this! Can I start my own blog and just write random sentences? Will you follow me? Will you help me? Fix me? It’s always about Lebanon (the mother ship, the home land, the fallen).

    5. Rewaz page, rewaz Blog, rewaz words.

    5.5 holly, holly, holly …..

  2. people should be eating more cheese. calcium and all.

  3. yes, absolutely i.am.superstar! That should take care of everything :-)