Sunday, May 29, 2011

Names and Tags

His name is Mohammed and they want him to change it.  Consequently, he decided to sue their butts.

Did you hear about that one? He's working at the New York Waldorf-Astoria so apparently Mohammed is a very scary name for the very delicate W-A clientele.  He represents the T-word.  They wouldn't be able to finish their caviar salad if they'd known his name was Mohammed, right?  Of course


Mohammed has been working as a waiter at the Fox-News-behaving hotel since 1984 and is disgruntled because he was given a name tag that had "edgar" written on it.  I wonder about two things when I read this:

1)  Why is he STILL a waiter since 1984, and 2)  Edgar, seriously??  Like Edgar Allen Poe?  Have you READ his poems and stories! If that's not terrorism right there I don't know what is.

Moroccan-born Mohammed has been working under the name John for the longest time before they decided Edgar would be more appropriate.  I wonder why they bothered to change the name.  Maybe there's a deadline on being a fake John.

Surely there's a deadline on being a fake anything.  The media, though, hasn't recognized that yet.

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