Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pass Words and Things for the Memory

Sick of it. Sicksicksick of it. This whole password business.  How many passwords is one supposed to memorize in a given lifetime?  And they, whoever they are, people who use passwords apparently, suggest to have only one.  A hacker's dream dontyathink?!

There are about 700 million social media networks to join.  Something close to that number I AM SURE. I am also very irritated right now because each time I try to log into a damn social media venue I've (forced myself to) joined I find myself having already forgotten the damn password.

Am I missing something?  How does one remain on top of it? Ok, I'm gonna stop talking in the third or fourth person.  How do I stay on top of this?

And while we're discussing overwhelming situations, how does one listen to Jose Gonzalez without feeling like suicide is the only way to get over the feeling his sad sad voice brings of a world quietly collapsing?

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  1. too bad i haven't started reading your blogs earlier..... amazinggg rewa